Not My Time {Poem}

As each minute ticks closer to that final hour

I pray that it will not cause my soul to rot and sour

The bird sings and the alarm weeps

I cannot recall the most recent restful sleep

Times are tough and I pretend not to fret

I tell myself that it’s just not my time yet

The day rises and the night falls

The cacophony in my head is sure to drown out the call

A rugged path of sticks and stones

Or a smooth road that lay atop bones

I hear the siren calling and by God does it sound sweet

For the Devil is bored and needs some fresh meat

But today I will live again to tend a soul most pure

No matter the struggle I must face nor the path I will endure


The Pearly Gates of Hell {Poem}

I had seen a glimpse of Heaven back then
Or so it seemed
I could have sworn it was a real-life manifestation of what once was my dreams
As the edges of your mouth curled and lifted so did my soul along with it
A single embrace as your arms wrapped around me felt as though I had been wrapped in a gift from the Universe itself
Your laughter the song that cascaded over my body and soul in a pristine waterfall that smoothed out my edges
It felt as if the war that raged within had finally been calmed
There was peace in all the land between all the factions within my mind
Every thought a relief as they all clanked a beer in cheers
Not yet knowing I was only in the eye of the storm
As the light had not quite reached the furthest and darkest corners
The pearly gates I had entered had quickly become worn
The paint masquerading as pearls had begun revealing itself as bones as it chipped away
What had once been magnificent laughter and song became screams and cries of the souls of the damned and forgotten
The beautiful gardens that could only have been Eden had turned to ash and graves
Cerulean seas turned to scarlet rivers of blood
What I thought had finally become my liberation became the slave master
My own thoughts the shackles and whips
What had been my good night and sweet dreams became my good fright and sweet screams
My endless nightmare
The clanking beers and cheers became clanking swords and war cries
What once was the pristine waterfall that cascaded over my soul became the rivers that adorned my cheeks as they descended from the windows of my aching soul only to drown me
Instead of the ship that sailed me to my own little slice of paradise became the stone and chain to pull me down under back into the abyss from where I started
The arms that wrapped me in a gift soon wrapped around my neck in an offering to the king of Hell
My soul to be the next one screaming
The newest addition to the ever-growing collection to the cage
Perhaps too foolish to see the bones that the pearls paraded as
I only saw what I wanted to see and that ultimately became the prison within me
The gold throne on which I thought I sat was only skin and bone.

Breathe Me To Life {Poem}

I’m faded in ways

Cue the shame

And no, drugs are not to blame

Caught up in a daze

My soul ripped from me leaving me empty

Nothing left but a void that’s screaming

But no one can hear in a vacuum

Is it too late for a wasteland to heal?

Searching for a former glory that never was

Now all that’s left is the next hit for a temporary buzz

Now back again at square one

What to do when everything is so wrong?

Trapped in a cycle in which I will never belong

What is the meaning in a world without soul?

Perhaps it’s in the same place where mine may be

Where love is weak and fear is stronger

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother

Perhaps I’m dead

Trapped in the limbo inbetween

Peering in on all the beautiful things I cannot reach

A place of stunning souls

There I could see yours shining brightest

I may not be able to reach, but I am not yet blind

My sight reaching farther than where I’m confined

With an inhale I may tremble

An exhale I may fall weak

My legs unable to carry

Yet my arms will pull me to you

I’ll give you my labored breaths

Perhaps they will give you what they never could give me

For in you I find my soul again

Every word and every touch pulling me back together

Even at the seams once weathered

Thinking my tears left me drained when they filled an abundant ocean instead

Thinking I crashed the seas alone when you were the wind that carried through my sails

With every caress traced a road map of every part of you I conquered

Every whispered word a verse of a song while I could not hear the music

Perhaps not all things must come to an end

For our embrace shall be imprinted into eternity

Perhaps not all stolen is lost

You showed me the way back home as you dragged us along

In the emptiness and cold lies a flame that will one day expand

Reaching the end of a chapter we found the rest of the story.

The Devil’s Kiss {Poem}

There has got to be more than this

All the famine; the shame

The booze, money, and fame

Every day is always the same

Playing the same old game

Reaching in the dark yet always seeming to miss

Another dollar and another soldier to maim

Another spoke in the wheel without a name

New monkeys every day to tame

Sentenced to slavery if that is whence you came

How to recover as we fall deeper into the abyss

Sealing the end with the Devil’s last kiss.

Savior {Poem}

Glistening gates

Paradise awaits

Instead of God stands the Fates

A single eye

My answer a wicked gleam with a side of a smile so sly

I begin to fly

Soon I realize I’m falling 

The blinding light fades to crimson as I hear a faint calling 

Soon it becomes clear to be a mocking behind wails and bawling

A small jolt overtakes me as I halt

I see around me many other souls trapped with me inside an infinitely massive vault

A voice echoes within that I am at fault

But, my dear, there is a chance

A figure appears so striking with but a glance

Approaching with such grace as to dance

How could this be?

As the light fades and my eyes can see

The savior was not He

The key to my salvation was me.

Infernal Kiss {Poem}

Words so sickly sweet on my lips as my cravings pull me in

Not realizing I’ve been poisoned

The taste satisfies for but a moment

Soon I want to claw out my stomach and wrench out my heart

A wildfire chasing the trees

Consuming as it moves from one to the next

Until it reaches you where there is no oxygen for my flame to burn

No more love to feed

The orange mass licks and reaches as it flickers and fades

The hot kisses only singeing your skin

The one thing keeping it going pouring water on it

He thought water was what I needed

A thirst that needed to be quenched

He thought I was the trees, but I was the flame burning them

He the kryptonite to my being

Snuffing me out

Until there is nothing left but my aching soul

Nothing more than a heartbeat slowly dissipating

My ecstasy became my demise

For our love was like fire and water

The light in my eyes steamed away as we got closer

Evaporating with you into the skies

What ascended you

Descended me.

Sevanna Simonette