The System and the End Times

So many people feel like there is something off these days, but let’s be real. There has never been a time where anything has been “right”. Whether it be that the government is slowly eroding our rights and freedoms, the racist who feel oppressed because they are being condemned for their bigotry and don’t understand why, that people still go hungry even though tons of perfectly good food is being thrown away, that Daddy didn’t purchase an entitled son a Rolex, that human trafficking is still a problem, that people still have to fight for education and basic human rights, et cetera. No matter who you talk to everybody can at least agree that something is wrong (unless you’re an elite) even if they cannot agree on what exactly it is that is wrong.

A lot of the things that people focus on are nothing more than perfectly placed distractions to keep us occupied from what is really going on behind closed doors. It all starts with the way “The System” was built. Many people believe that the foundations that this current system was built on is now falling apart not realizing that it was built flawed in the first place. This system that all of the older generations fought for (and still do) was built to enslave the public while also making them believe that the public is free at the same time. There is nothing about this country nor any other place on this Earth that is a “free” place. We are all slaves in some way or form, and some more than others. We must become aware of the chains so that we may break them. We continue to elect the two party system and the silver-tongues who represent them hoping that if we just elect the right person that we will all be saved. Candidates and voting were given to the public to toss a bone to make us feel like we had a voice.

As has been mentioned before by whom I am unsure, there is a reason for the two ruling political factions to be called “the right and left wing”. While they may seem like completely different wings, they are each a wing of the same bird or plane or whichever analogy you prefer. The same plane that is heading for a nose dive straight to the ground with all of us on board. The supporters of each faction arguing with each other as if either of them are correct in their claims. Newsflash, both are wrong. Do not fall for politicians of either side as both of them are spinning a different lie. They all have an agenda. This is not the time to be spitting fire (and I’m not talking about a sweet mixtape) back and forth into each other’s faces.

They want us to be pitted against each other, and by “they” I am referring to the deep state or the ruling class: the people who pull the strings. The more divided we are, the more easily we are to be controlled because we are too focused on being right to notice what is actually going on. You can point the finger at the minority, the single moms on food stamps, the homeless man on the curb, or the person who didn’t vote all you please, but you’re not helping. Nothing gets done when you’re using your fingers to point rather than build. Build a better world, don’t bitch about who you think made it the way it is. If you’re blaming another innocent then you keep the blame from those who really possess it. All civilians are innocent bystanders to the tyranny of the top players in the game. Where we stand they fall. At this rate we are just leading ourselves to our own demise. Look at the world around you. None of this is okay. Every time we vote we are voting to keep the system as is. You can’t use an old system to create a new one. You must take down and remove the old to bring in the new.

There is no perfect person to vote in. Both sides bicker in the public eye, but behind closed doors they’re drinking tea and playing golf together as they laugh about how easy it was for them to swindle us all and get away with it. Instead, people want to blame the younger generations. Interestingly enough I find that the younger generations are the ones talking the most sense and actually trying to change the world while the others complain. Before you scream at others to “find their safe space” you might want to find your own. It is the young people who are bringing back the revolution that never should have died. Just fight with them. Your future is at stake too. While you’re accepting your slavery the young are working to free us all from it. They can’t do it alone.

The rich are not entitled to all of the world’s resources to exploit and monopolize for the highest bidders at hellacious prices. No one should have to sell their soul for a basic human right to all. Food, water, and shelter are not commodities to be sold while the majority go without. One should not have to slave away for the rest of their lives just to have a place to live or have an education. If you own a home, look at the deed. Even though you bought it the deed will say that you are a tenant of your property. They still own it either way. You don’t even own what you own. Even healthcare that is garbage and kills people if they even bother to help at all, and that’s even if you can afford it. Even education is corrupt. Remember, history is written by the victor. History isn’t the only thing skewed. Much of what is taught in any subject in school is false, but they won’t tell you that. They want us in the dark. An educated public is an untamable public. They want uninformed workers who will be okay with giving their all to a corporation for nothing; replaceable slaves. Work ethic is a fancy name for someone who knows how to be a good slave.

Humanity is meant for so much more than this. We all have a purpose here, and I promise you it isn’t to work in a factory for the rest of our lives. We are not meant to keep killing and hurting each other. Causing pain onto each other is so archaic. We can move beyond this. Don’t give in to the slave monetary system. Paper is not worth hurting others or ourselves over. More and more people are waking up to the reality of the world and the Universe day by day. More and more people are feeling anxious and depressed. Open your eyes to the vastness of the Infinite. Realize that there are many things so much bigger than us and our little world and systems of doing things. It’s time to evolve. We don’t need this system. It needs us, and as long as we continue to feed it, it will remain.

The world may seem so bleak and hopeless, but you are not alone in feeling this way. It does not have to be this way. I know it feels like the end is just around the corner, and it is, but not in the way that has been portrayed. We probably won’t die in a fiery explosion nor will aliens try to take over our planet, but the world as we know it must and will come to an end. The end may be near, but there is still time. We can still put a stop to the tyranny. Chaos will ensue to bring about the new. It seems like things are only getting worse, but this is only the beginning. Things are about to get interesting, but in the end the people will be triumphant. It will be replaced by a new world.

Do you really want the world to stay as it is? A better world that benefits all doesn’t have to be a fairytale; a myth. We can make it a reality. A world where famine, illness, and thirst does not exist. Where everyone is granted a place to live. Where there is no monetary system or power structure. We can self-regulate our own lives and take control. We can barter and trade goods and services. There is not nor ever was a need for a monetary system. Where crime and war don’t exist because no one will feel any sort of need for it. Where everyone has access to everything such as knowledge or anything being hidden by the elites; full and complete transparency. Where there is no oppression, hate, nor prejudice. Where everyone has the freedom to pursue anything they love such as art or woodworking or anything that makes the heart sing rather than selling their souls to build up someone else’s empire. We can have a world full of love and peace, but not if we continue to spread hate amongst ourselves and let the elites get away with their crimes against humanity and the world.

We can build this new world that seems only possible in fiction by overthrowing the government, the shadow government, and all who are in any position of power. Protesting not by marches but with our money as that is what they use to control us. We can use it to control them right back. Take your money from the banks and corporations. That is the best way. If we bleed them of our resources then they will die. We can reject the religious indoctrination that promotes hate, control, and division. Choose to love one another rather than hate. You may enjoy the power of hate, but love feels better. Even if you disagree, love ultimately feels better. Hate fuels their power and makes us easier to control, but when we live in peace and harmony there will be no way for them to fight us. We could further choose a day or even longer than that to not spend a dime of our money nor go anywhere so to stop the world. Not even to work. The whole world would stop. Only then will they know their time is up. Reject fossil fuels. Open your arms to renewable and free energy. Some will be worried that rejecting fossil fuels will mean a loss in jobs, but job creation won’t matter when your children don’t have a future because you chose to poison the land and water just to have an unsustainable job in the moment. Don’t let the fuel companies fool you into thinking you need them when in reality they need us far more than we will ever need them. Protesting in this manner may collapse the economy and foundations of our world, but this needs to happen. We cannot change it if we don’t break it first. It is not too late (yet) to make the change, but we don’t have much time.

Above all things the most important thing we all need to remember if we want to change the world for the better is to do unto others as we wish to have done unto ourselves, and to find out how we can be more of service to others rather than finding out how the world can be of service to only ourselves. We can build a world that serves us, but we must do our part to serve the world first. It does not matter what your talents are. What matters is how you use them to serve the highest good. Whether you are a singer giving inspiration or a builder engineering the new world, we all have something to offer. We must take our lives into our own hands now rather than expecting someone else to do the work for us. Stop looking for someone to blindly follow and lead yourself. There is no perfect candidate nor guru who can fix it all for us. We are all human. We are all flawed. No one is going to come save us. Not Hillary. Not Trump. Not Jesus. Not your friend’s dad. Nobody but the collective. Don’t let them distract you with trivial garbage. We are all one.  We are all in this together. We won’t win if we don’t act like and work together as the team we are. We’re all on the same team. Yes, every single one of us. Hope is the drive that keeps us alive, my friends. It’s time to be our own saviors.


The Journey So Far

Greetings, fellow internet surfers who just so happened to stumble upon this post. You have landed on The Sevan Seas: my personal blog. I am known as Sevanna, which is why “Sevan” is in the title rather than “Seven.” Clever, right? You may call me Vanna as that is what most people refer to me as.

Anyway, I am an 18-year-old female who decided to create a blog. I did that for the purpose of pursuing my interests in written communication (as I’m not the most proficient in spoken communication), and because I felt like I would enjoy it, of course. It seems like a great start to dabble in writing as I am young and just starting out.

The types of subjects that I am interested in including in this blog such as elements of spirituality and my various perspectives and opinions on that, wisdom, inspiration, self development, truth-seeking, theories of all kinds such as on life and the workings of the Universe, love, the possible occasional journal-like entry, poetry, stories that may be fiction or non, or any subject that happens to ignite my interest that forces me to think. I would like to think of this blog as a “life and times” blog just to keep those who need a label for things happy.

Keep in mind that I am no guru of any kind, and I will not spin an illusion that I am. I am no expert or practitioner of anything but my own life. I merely wish to share my perspectives and thoughts on life as I continue to move through it each and every day that I live as it is possible that a perspective of mine may resonate with and may even help another. I would love if my journey assisted someone else’s. I am still but a child in the grand scheme of the Universe, but wisdom comes in all forms in all ages. I don’t have all the answers, but my goal is for this blog to be my creation that will grow and metamorphosize along with me and my journey. One could say that this is an extension of myself; an expression of my higher form and creativity as I grow into and become my true self. Through self discovery in my existence this becomes an object and manifestation of my hunger for knowledge and satiation in acquiring it from sources that would not be considered “normal”, expected, nor even accepted by the mainstream.

I hope that you, the reader, may find a gem here in the mining through the content here on my blog. I look forward to embarking on our journey together if you so choose to stick around! We are all in this together. Thank you for stopping by, and if you are interested in what’s to come then I hope that you might stay tuned! 🙂

May Your Journey be Fruitful,