The Devil Within

So many people see the Devil as an entity that rules the lower levels and vibrations, but what if he is someone you know? Rather than residing in a far away place perhaps he inhabits those closest to us?

When someone who is supposed to love you and protect you happens to be your worst nightmare instead, who then do you turn to? Perhaps the Devil is not a thing, but merely a sickness of the mind and soul, passed from one person to the next like a contagious disease. One can teach and isolate the dark side to a captive audience, but it is up to them to make the choice. Will they carry on the sins of those before them, or will they break the pattern?

They can try to break us, but it is up to us to choose to drink the poison or dump it and save those around us including ourselves. Some choose to lend a home to the Devil just as those before them did and because they did, but others of us choose the alternative route for the same reason. Some carry their demons to victory while some carry them to their graves. Some of us in the newer generations shall take on the sins of those before us and finally lay them to rest forever rather than passing them on to the next down the line like the rest. The cycle shall end with us. While those before us were met with the Devil and agreed to possession, we will slay him on sight. Every decision is either feeding or starving the demons within. We are all capable of actions less than noble, but the more we starve them the closer they are to fading away to their end and our freedom; our beginning.

Some will choose to flood themselves to be left as an ark for the wicked, but many of us can still choose. We can choose to dehydrate and starve the damned instead of fattening them—-to end the cycle of pain; the reign of Hell, to weaken the hold of the reins the Devil has on this world until he too cannot grasp any longer. The day we cleanse the last vessel is the day the Devil dies; the sickness. Perhaps the Devil is a lot closer than we may think, but to purge the sickness we must choose to heal before it is too late.