The Journey So Far

Greetings, fellow internet surfers who just so happened to stumble upon this post. You have landed on The Sevan Seas: my personal blog. I am known as Sevanna, which is why “Sevan” is in the title rather than “Seven.” Clever, right? You may call me Vanna as that is what most people refer to me as.

Anyway, I am an 18-year-old female who decided to create a blog. I did that for the purpose of pursuing my interests in written communication (as I’m not the most proficient in spoken communication), and because I felt like I would enjoy it, of course. It seems like a great start to dabble in writing as I am young and just starting out.

The types of subjects that I am interested in including in this blog such as elements of spirituality and my various perspectives and opinions on that, wisdom, inspiration, self development, truth-seeking, theories of all kinds such as on life and the workings of the Universe, love, the possible occasional journal-like entry, poetry, stories that may be fiction or non, or any subject that happens to ignite my interest that forces me to think. I would like to think of this blog as a “life and times” blog just to keep those who need a label for things happy.

Keep in mind that I am no guru of any kind, and I will not spin an illusion that I am. I am no expert or practitioner of anything but my own life. I merely wish to share my perspectives and thoughts on life as I continue to move through it each and every day that I live as it is possible that a perspective of mine may resonate with and may even help another. I would love if my journey assisted someone else’s. I am still but a child in the grand scheme of the Universe, but wisdom comes in all forms in all ages. I don’t have all the answers, but my goal is for this blog to be my creation that will grow and metamorphosize along with me and my journey. One could say that this is an extension of myself; an expression of my higher form and creativity as I grow into and become my true self. Through self discovery in my existence this becomes an object and manifestation of my hunger for knowledge and satiation in acquiring it from sources that would not be considered “normal”, expected, nor even accepted by the mainstream.

I hope that you, the reader, may find a gem here in the mining through the content here on my blog. I look forward to embarking on our journey together if you so choose to stick around! We are all in this together. Thank you for stopping by, and if you are interested in what’s to come then I hope that you might stay tuned! 🙂

May Your Journey be Fruitful,



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